DESCRIPTION: Reinforced self-supporting perforated board.

MATERIAL: alimentary polypropylene.

SUITABILITY FOR FOOD CONTACT: the alimentary polypropylene boards are made with certified raw materials and are suitable for contact with food in compliance with EC regulations and directives.

ARTICLE DIMENSIONS: 905x965 mm, thickness: 30 mm.

PRODUCTION METHODS: injection molding.


LOAD CAPACITY: 75 kg with uniformly distributed product, 1 kg per square cm.

USES: as shelf for shelving units, racks and trolleys for salting, drying and maturing cheeses.

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: the external ribs, the main ribs and the support surfaces are 3 mm thick. The other central support ribs are 1.5 mm thick. With a total height of 30 mm; maximum flexion 20 mm. in the center.

ADVANTAGES: the rounded and conical hole of 6 mm in diameter allows the cheese not to remain marked and to breathe even through the plate, reducing the turning and the formation of mould.

WASHING: food-grade polypropylene articles are recommended to be washed with ½ % chlorinated basic solutions. It is also advised not to use solutions with nitric acid, since over time it degrades the quality of the plastic material,

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