ARTICLE CODE: GRIGLIA 76/58-150-180-210

ARTICLE DESCRIPTION: food grade polypropylene (PP) stacking rack

DIMENSIONS:  760x580x 210, 180 or 150 mm


FOOD CONTACT APPROVED: all food grade polypropylene racks and boards are made from certified raw materials and are suitable for food contact under the EC regulations and directives, Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, Regulation (EC) 2023/2006, Directive 19/2007/EC and Directive 2002/1972/EC.

USES: cheeses salting, drying and ripening processes

TYPES OF CHEESE: gouda, pecorino toscano, pecorino sardo, caprini, caciotte, tomini, muffettati, cascaval, montasio, camembert, etc.    

BENEFITS: the specially shaped grate surface does not mark the cheeses and maintains excellent aeration

WASHING: PP articles should be washed with alkaline solutions containing 1/2% chlorine, or with 1/2% acid solutions

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