DESCRIPTION: Food grade polypropylene perforated board

DIMENSIONS: 400x250x30 mm

USE: As a shelf for shelving units, racks and trolleys for cheese salting, drying and ripening processes.

TYPES OF CHEESE: Asiago, Fontal, Montasio, Caciotta, Tomino, etc.

BENEFITS: The hole enables the cheese not to get marked and to breathe even when flat so that it does not have to be turned so often to prevent undesirable mould forming and spreading.

WASHING: Food grade polypropylene products should be washed in 1/2% chlorinated alkaline solutions. Nitric acid solutions are not recommended, as they cause deterioration of the plastic over time.

FOOD CONTACT APPROVED: Food grade polypropylene shelves are made from certified raw materials and are suitable for food contact in compliance with EC regulations and directives.    

Tailored by MBE Mantova & Logistic Design